Friday, January 20, 2012

Dakota's Fan Mail

Dakota's "wall of fame" was a place that gave many of us hope in the days and weeks before his return home
Since Dakota’s ordeal began back in the middle of November 2011 the center has received an outpouring of support for both Dakota and the center’s mission itself. One of our favorite forms of support and encouragement came in the form of “Dakota fan mail”.

Children and adults alike sent their well-wishes for Dakota's safe return home. Many were among the 80,000 people that Dakota has educated since becoming a part of the Wildlife In Need Center

The center received cards and letters almost every day addressed to Dakota. (Most included staff and volunteers, but some were just for Dakota!) Cards came to us during every stage. The first cards we got were cards of encouragement for the center to find Dakota and hopes of a safe return. Once Dakota was recovered the get well cards flooded in for Dakota with wishes of a full healthy recovery. Finally, Dakota received cards from people thanking him for all he taught them through his ordeal.

Some of the center’s favorites came from kids and students Dakota has educated over his 11 years of working with the center. 

We wanted to share with you some of these wonderful cards we received. The cards and letters made us smile; we hope they do the same for you.

He even received a packet of get well wishes from second grade students in Ohio that were studying owls when word got down to them about Dakota! Even though these students had never personally met Dakota, because he helped them learn about his wild counterparts they affectionately called him “their mascot.” How amazing!

Students from Ohio who followed Dakota's ordeal via the internet sent him their best wishes for his speedy recovery, calling him their "mascot." He's ours too!

We would also like to take this opportunity to again thank EVERYONE for their overwhelming amount of caring and support for Dakota and the center. Daily words of encouragement were very much appreciated by staff and volunteers as we rescued and cared for Dakota.

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