Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dakota Update - 11/27/11

Yesterday, we gathered a large group of staff members & trained animal care volunteer searchers to once again go out to look for Dakota. We split into several small groups, took maps, and were able cover on foot some of the areas we have been regularly searching, as well as some new areas.  We were able to cover a lot of ground, and were able to talk with a number of homeowners, as well as hand out some informational flyers.  Unfortunately, despite being out for several hours, we were hampered by the wet, rainy weather.  This was frustrating for us, because as we have mentioned in the past, we know that Dakota does not like the rain or the wind, and knew he was likely hunkered down into a sheltered spot & would not be moving about. We were not successful in locating Dakota yesterday, but remain committed to our daily searches for him.  We hope to be able to schedule another large-scale foot search this week (weather cooperating).

The good news is, since we were able to talk personally to some people who live in the greater Hunter's Lake/Dousman area southwest of the WINC facility (the area we still believe Dakota to be in), we found out a couple of things.  One, many people reported hearing an owl/owls on or around their property, giving us some more clues on areas we might expand our daily foot searches into.  Second, every person we talked to was aware of the situation with Dakota, was sympathetic to his plight, and all agreed to let us onto their property to look for him. This was a great bright spot in the day, to know that people are so well-informed, and are so willing to help us watch out for him.  It helps so much, to know that all of our considerable efforts to get the word out and make people aware of Dakota's situation are working so well. Thank you so very much to everyone we were able to talk to. Thank you for your kindness and caring on a rainy afternoon, thank you for your graciousness in agreeing to let us onto your properties to search, and thank you for your help in allowing us to continue our search efforts to bring Dakota home.

Additionally, we were able to participate again in "The World's Greatest Cookie Sale" in Pewaukee at the Country Springs Hotel on Friday, and we were overwhelmed with the number of people who stopped by our tables to ask about Dakota.  It was awesome to see just how many people made a point to take a moment out of their busy Black Friday shopping day and drop by our booth to offer support, and to let us know they wanted to thank us for our efforts.  That was very heartening to us, on such a hectic day, to feel the love the community has for Dakota & for WINC.  Once again, we want to express how blessed we are, to have so many people looking out for our dear Dakota.

As always, if you live in the local Dousman/Hunter's Lake area and believe you see or have seen Dakota, please do not hesitate to contact WINC.  Additionally, please feel free to print out the picture of the flyer included with this blog and post it-----WITH PERMISSION = please do not post it or distribute it unless you have the expressed permission of any given property owner, business, school---etc.  ((As a reminder:  it is ILLEGAL to place flyers in mailboxes.))  We have been contacted by so many people who have offered to help us in any way they can, and we are so very appreciative.  The community has been just wonderful in it's acceptance of our search, and we would not want to jeopardize in any way the efforts we have already made, or damage the trust of the community.  Thank you for helping the center find Dakota, and helping us follow the rules :) 

(Guest Blogger K.P.)


  1. He is so beautiful! We think of him every day and keep hoping that "today is the day" that we hear Dakota is home.

  2. Thank you so much for the update and God bless all of you for everything you do for all of the precious wildlife. I pray everyday for Dakota's safe return. It will be the happiest day when I hear he is home where he belongs.

  3. I pray each day you will find Dakota and bring him home, I will be relieved to hear he is found.So many lives are saved at Wildlife In Need, I'm proud to be a member.

  4. Thanks for update....I sure worry about him...Stay strong Dakota....the calvery is coming....along with my prayers...

  5. Would Dakota fly to his perch from the wildlife center or even his cage if they
    or something similar were moved to the areas that you are searching? I too,
    am terribly worried about him and praying daily for his safe return. Thanks to
    all of you for your efforts!

  6. My prayers are to you, the searchers, and Dakota. I hope you find him and bring him home where he is safe and sound.