Thursday, May 19, 2011

Un-sticking Situations

Last week, we admitted two birds who were covered in an oil and a sticky glue-like substance. As the weather gets warmer, this seems to be a more common scenario among the birds we admit to WINC. While we do as much as humanly possible to help restore these birds and their feathers to their normal condition, it can sometimes be a death sentence. When a bird has been through something very traumatic such as being stuck to something or unable to fly, they come to us in an extremely stressed/shocked state. The best thing is to do for a stressed animal is to leave it in a dark, quiet space for some time to allow it to calm down. However, when a bird’s feathers are covered in some of these substances and chemicals, it can be toxic to their system if it penetrates their skin or if it gets ingested. This leaves us in a very delicate place as far as how much we can help these birds in such a short period of time.

Luckily, these two birds have made it through the beginning process of removing the substances from their feathers and the dawn baths which restore their natural waterproofing. Glue traps, motor oils, paint, stain, tar, construction foam, caulk and more are all among the products that can severely injure or kill a bird if they come into contact with it. Please keep in mind when using these materials outside this summer that they should be kept covered at all times. Remind your neighbors too! This is an easy way to help keep your backyard birds happy and safe from harm this summer season.

Guest Blogger C.M.

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