Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you ever seen a Duck in a POD?

On Monday March, 21st, we received our donated storage unit from PODS of Milwaukee!

It is official; we can start packing for the big move. The first thing to pack…Daphne the Muscovy duck of course! Daphne wanted to show off how excited she was to move that she decided to get in the POD first.

Following Daphne has been extra laundry and bulk medical supplies that we’re not expecting to use until after we move. Although the POD will be in the driveway for a couple months it’s a nice reminder that the move is actually happening and we are all very thrilled that the process has started.

Volunteers and staff will continue to sort and store as much as we can in the POD until it is full and ready to be moved to the new building. We would like to thank PODS of Milwaukee for donating the storage unit to us for this grand event!

PS- Don’t worry we just let Daphne play in the POD, she did not stay in the POD! She returned to the kitchen to continue to supervise the daily activities of the center!

Guest Blogger M.F.
With the move to our new facility taking center stage we are greatly looking forward to our Annual Banquet on Friday as well! The evening will feature a guest appearance by Dakota, our Great Horned Owl, auction items donated by over 100 local individuals and businesses, and - of course - a sneak preview of the new facility! You could even bid on a chance to attend a private guided tour of the Center once it's complete! The deadline has passed for early ticket sales, we still have just a couple of spots left. If you are interested please contact the Wildlife In Need Center at 262-968-5075 and we'll see if we can still get you in!

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