Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fever

Everyone here is gearing up for this exciting and busy time of year. One of the ways we do that is by hosting a Pancake Breakfast and Baby Shower for all of our friends and neighbors. So, if you want to help us help them and you also want to enjoy some great food, catch-up with friends and staff, visit with our educational ambassadors and more then join us:

Sunday, March 21st, 2010
Dousman/Ottawa Lions Club 231 Main Street Dousman
(map link)

Nearly every one of us will be looking forward to fall by the end of June, but it’s March and right now everyone’s got baby fever. If you’ve never seen the winsome look of an infant gray squirrel, heard the *peep* of a mallard duckling, or watched young raccoons interact with each other, than you may not fully understand. The hundreds of past, present and future volunteers for the Wildlife In Need Center do though.

From April through September hundreds of orphaned wild animals will find their way to our doors. Our office staff and volunteers try to ensure that each of them gets the chance to be reunited with their families when possible, but even the best intentions aren’t always enough to make a reunion happen so many will still find their way here. One such situation has led us to the earliest admission of an infant gray squirrel to the Center ever recorded! Here’s a brief of the story:

A mother squirrel had found herself a cozy spot in the upper insulation near the ceiling of someone’s basement and when the homeowner went to investigate she ran and hid leaving her just-born litter behind. Volunteers from the Center gathered up the little ones and set a trap for mom. Once she was captured she was reunited with her new family and has been residing in an outdoor enclosure for the past few days. We hope that by the end of the week the homeowners will have been able to repair the area where she had gotten in and we will re-nest her and her family with a new nest-box to call home instead. These are always sensitive cases because if mom is too stressed or scared she won’t be able to properly care for her young and the results could be very sad, but the outlook is good for this little family and we hope to update you with how things go.

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