Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Turkey's were released

“The turkey’s that were released last week are still in the area. They come each morning closer to the house as we put water and a little food out for them. They come back again in the afternoon to check and see what’s left, but they spend the rest of their time scouring our land for bugs and seeds. It has taken them the whole week to gain the confidence to reach the outer edges of the property, but they seem to be getting braver each day and they are fitting into the landscape quite nicely.”

M. D. -WINC Member and release site registrant.

We do our best to keep as many young animals with their families each year as possible, but inevitably, summer is our busiest time of year as we raise hundreds of ducks, raccoons, squirrels, birds, cottontails and even some turkeys. Because these animals are being given a second chance at life at the Wildlife In Need Center and often a new family as well, they don’t have a territory to return to like our adult patients do. These animals rely on the goodness of the people in our release site program. Individuals who have property they either own or manage can fill out a form from our office or our website in which they detail the natural aspects of their property. Release sites need not be huge or even strictly rural, but urban lots and small suburban yards won’t do. All release sites are checked out by a staff member to verify that it is good habitat for the desired species. Releasing an animal on an ideal release site can be as important to its survival as the care it receives in our rehabilitation hospital. If you are interested in becoming a release site for the Wildlife In Need Center please visit our website or call us for more information.

And on the topic of releases: We were recently forwarded this wonderful story about a fellow rehabilitator and a succesful release of 4 sandhill cranes. The great thing is that two of these individuals came from the Wildlife In Need Center! Transferring patients between centers gives each animal a better chance to access the things that they need, whether it is a larger flight aviary, surgical care or a foster parent. You can find out more in future posts, by checking our website, or by giving us a call.

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